The Northampton Cycling Club uses Link My Ride, a pre-ride organizational platform that allows members to explore, plan and create group rides. The service is relatively new, so features will be refined and expanded over the coming years.


How to Create a Free Link My Ride Account

Download the Link My Ride app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.





Once installed, open the Link My Ride app and select “Create account.”




Set up your account by filling in the required details on the next seven screens.



Check your e-mail on your mobile device and click the “Log in” button.



Congratulations, you now have a Link My Ride account. If you would like to update your profile, modify the privacy settings, or modify your units of measurements (miles/feet or kilometers/meters) click on the menu button in the upper right hand corner of the app.



Following the Northampton Cycling Club

To follow the NCC on Link My Ride, click the button below or find the NCC in the app.


Follow the NCC on Link My Ride


Click the “Join” button and NCC members will be granted permission to join the NCC club on Link My Ride.




Attending NCC Rides

Once you are following the NCC (or other riders), you will see upcoming rides in your Home Feed.



Click on the ride you are planning to go on and select “Attend ride.”



A popup window will appear asking you to sign the NCC waiver. Click the checkbox accepting the waiver to attend the ride.



Link My Ride will ask if you would like to share your email address with the NCC. This is completely optional (the NCC already has email addresses for club members).



If you would like to have the route on your Garmin, Wahoo. or other bike computer, select “Download route (.GPX),” select the Garmin, Elemnt, or other bike computer app on your mobile device, and import the route.




You may comment on a ride before or after the event. This is a great way to tell the ride leader you will join the ride late.



At the start location, the Ride Leader will use Link My Ride for attendance.


Ride Cancellations

If the NCC needs cancel a ride due to weather or some other circumstances, Link My Ride will be the method we use to communicate the cancellation.

If your notifications are on, you will receive a pop-up on your Home Screen. You will also see a cancelled indicator for the ride in your Link My Ride Home Screen. If you click on the cancelled ride, you will see the reason for the cancellation.



Profile, Settings, and Privacy

The Profile tab allows you to see riders you attended, who follows you, who you are following, and the clubs you belong to. In the upper right hand corner, if you click on the three bars (“the hamburger”), you can update settings and privacy.



The Account settings menu lets you update personal information, email address, and block future messages from users. In addition, you can connect accounts (currently Strava) to import saved routes.



The Notification preferences allow you to select the type of notifications you receive from Link My Ride. The NCC suggests leaving the Ride reminders and Ride updates choices enabled so you may receive notifications about club rides.



Please review your privacy settings and determine the appropriate level for you. If you have the “Show my location on Explore” enabled, individuals may see you on the map in the Explore tab.



The Units of measurement settings allows you to chose metric or imperial as your preference. Link My Ride is based in England, so the default measurements are metric.



Other Link My Ride Features

The Link My Ride features are expanding. You can also follow other riders, schedule your own rides, invite others to your rides, and message other users.